Laundry Strategies to Save Time

It’s a fact of life that eventually you’ll run out of clean clothes to wear. Depending on how much you have to wash (or just how many other priorities that required your attention), the amount of time it takes to do your laundry is either a non-issue or it sends your entire afternoon down the drain. Those with large families or an ultra-busy schedule find it especially difficult to make time for laundry. Between the washing and drying and folding of each load—and the amount of waiting in between that requires you to stick around near home or the laundromat—it feels like there are any number of tasks you could accomplish in the time it takes to finish your laundry.

But Pico Cleaners knows a way to make it easier for you. The key is in how you distribute your laundry schedule—breaking a larger project into smaller parts is a key to success. For all but the ones with the least intensive wardrobe, doing everything all at once is a surefire way to devote your whole afternoon listening to the washing machines. Here are tips to help make the process go a bit smoother.

If You Can, Delegate the Laundry Tasks

Unless you’re living by yourself, or it just plain isn’t an option for your housemates for one reason or another (they’re at work all day, or they’re small children), there’s no reason you can’t task someone else to do the drying or the folding while you handle the washing. A short task can be divided up even shorter with some teamwork.

Keep Separate Laundry Baskets

Especially in larger families, sorting out everyone’s clothes is a mess that’s easily remedied by keeping everyone’s clothing separate from the get-go. If you go by a dark-light system, you can do the same: multiple laundry baskets to save an extra step when it comes time to wash. You’d think that preparing the clothes to get washed wouldn’t be as big a hassle as the actual washing, but if there’s too much laundry, or you’re just that busy, even the sorting process can take more time than it needs to. This one requires no work on your part; just an extra container.

Washing, Folding, and Put-Away Don’t Have to be done at the Same Time

If the sight of loose clothing doesn’t bother you, there’s a chance the folding and the put-away steps can wait a bit. Attend to your work outfits, of course—no credible businessperson has wrinkled clothes—but the rest don’t necessarily need to be done all at once. You can leave your folded clothing off to the side, and then put them away.

Devote Certain Days to Certain Loads

On Monday, wash your darks. On Tuesday, do the lights. Maybe Wednesday is for Son’s laundry, and Thursday is Daughter Day. Don’t forget the sheets—those can go on Saturday. So, that’s laundry every day? Absolutely not, you might think, but you’d be surprised how fast you can finish a load when it’s just that one load to take care of. You may not even need to do laundry every day depending on how much you need to do. The point is an hour of laundry every so often is much more manageable—and much less intimidating—than four or more hours blocked into your schedule.

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